Thursday, 23 January 2014

21st Birthday Presents

My 21st birthday was this Monday, the 20th January. I didn't do anything, just like I haven't for the last four years, but did have Chinese and Indian takeaways with my family. It was our first time having Indian, and it won't be the last! Already craving more onion bhajis and chicken shashlik.

My sister really treated me, and most of the stuff in the photo is from her. I'd wanted the Fred Perry Aubrey trainers for a while, and was going to buy them full price a few months ago. I don't like the brand, but really liked the shape of the shoe (I feel like a clown in normal trainers). The best part about them is that my sister only paid £20.25 instead of £45! She also bought me the Pacifica fragrance set, the heart shaped bowls, the owl mug, The Great British Book of Baking, Wotsits, Quavers, and gingerbread men. You may have seen the owl mug in my Currently Loving post, but that was for a friend's birthday, so my sister bought me my own. I love the heart shaped bowls, and am going to use the smaller ones for jewellery. I also love Wotsits and Quavers, so that's why she bought them for me!

My parents bought me the Hotel Chocolat slabs and gave me money. The giant slab is a Christmas one, so was in the sale for £4.80 instead of £16. There was then a problem with the parcel, so Hotel Chocolat sent a replacement and gave my dad a refund, meaning it was completely free! The eton mess one was full price, but sounds delicious.

In the heart shaped bowl, you can see a silver trinket. Inside is a necklace that my nanny Mary gave me. It was my great nan's, and she received it for her own 21st birthday. It's definitely something I'm going to treasure!

My other grandparents gave me the large heart photo frame, the 21st mug and bear, and more money than I ever expected to receive. I was so surprised and thankful.

My auntie, who's only a few years older than myself, bought me the No7 gift set, an Accessorize scarf, a handful of face masks, some jewellery, and some body sprays.

I still have some gifts to receive from a friend, but I'm so thankful for everything I've received so far. Here's to being 21!

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