Sunday, 5 January 2014

Currently Loving

This owl mug. I love how it's simple in terms of colour, but detailed in terms of shape! I've seen owl mugs in multiple shops, such as Paperchase and Wilkinson, but this particular one is from BHS (£3). I prefer this one to the others I've seen, and like that the top part goes out a little. The one from Wilkinson goes in, and would be more difficult to drink out of!

Reed diffusers. I'm not allowed to have candles or oil burners while I'm living under my dad's roof, but love home fragrance products, so I've really been liking reed diffusers as alternatives. The ones above are from Primark, and cost just £3 each. The Juicy Blueberry & Blossom scent is beautiful, and the Vanilla & Coconut Creme one isn't bad, either! They're incredibly subtle, and work better in small rooms, but I'm still happy with them. I have the blueberry one near the entrance of my room, and Primark's £1 vanilla one near my bed. I can definitely smell them when I close my door and then walk back in later in the day. 

Dexter! I'd been wanting a new series to watch, so decided to start Dexter on New Year's Eve. I'm now on series 3, and really enjoying it. I love crime dramas, though, so it's no surprise!

What have you been loving?

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