Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Avon Goodies

Silver flower earrings - I think their cute :)

£3 - Normally £6
Pedicure 4 in 1. Including a file similar to 'Pedegg', Sponge, Pumice stone & Foot file.

£3 - Normally £5
Glimmersticks Brow Definer in Dark Brown.
Its nothing to do with the product its self, because the product works fine, but I am thinking of sending this back simply because I look weird with my eyebrows defined. Either this or I'm just not used to them looking different!

Hope your all doing well :)


  1. The earrings are really cute! Nice little haul there! :) x

  2. The earings are lovely. I heard that most people go darker with eyebrow pencils, but need to go a shade or two lighter than their eyebrow/hair colour or it can look a bit harsh.

    I have some glimmersticks and I love then, great for when you dont have a pencil sharpener!


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