Monday, 31 August 2009

Saturday Haul :)

Sorry for the long post but its mainly pictures anyway :)

Heart floral earrings.

Clinton Cards:
A sheep from 'The Blue Nose Friends' for my Nans birthday.

I thought I'd show you the card as well as its so colourful!

4GB memory stick
I'm showing you this because it is on offer for £9.97 down from £30.

Miss sporty nail varnishes. Metal shine - Zodiac & Electric Beige. I think these neutral colours are gorgeous! I also got some more nail varnish remover :)

Collection 2000 Volume Sensation mascara in waterproof. This is my third one -The other two being non waterproof (Pink & purple packaging) & I love them.
I also got a No7 £5 off voucher.

Essentials :) (After this I opened the cotton buds and dropped them all! Silly me)

Gorgeous Navy 'Creased' Check scarf.

Khaki green bikini. Halter neck & strapless in one.

& again. Most bikini's are now sold out, especially in my size :/

Navy blue cardigan.

Teal cardigan.

Simple V-neck T-shirts. ^ Coral stripes.

Navy blue & Pink, purple, green and blue stripes.

'Oatmeal' stripes.

If you want any of the prices then leave a comment :)


  1. Great haul! I love the earings and navy cardigan :) xxx

  2. the cardigans are great .. i always stock up before every fall :) you can never have too many of them!

  3. love the earrings.. exactly like something id buy! xox

  4. I love the memory stick! I have a boring Navy Blue one... The bikini is hot too! I need support in bikinis cos I have uhhh larger breasts than most people ! Great haul! xx


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