Friday, 21 August 2009

Small Haul

A few items from Tesco:

£7.50 down from £10.
This is going to be my bag for school as it is hugeee. It has an over the shoulder strap as well as two normal handles. Circle detailing at the top, stud detailing at the bottom and I think the pattern is really pretty (Different flower prints).

I could of bought a bag from Primark for a few pounds cheaper but whatever you buy from there, half the people you know will have it too.

I've been using the small 30ml invigorating tubes of St.Ives & I really like them so I thought I'd try out a full size of the blemish fighting.

I also got quite a lot of stationary for back to school but I doubt you want to see that. :)


  1. Love that bag, the flower print is sooo nice :)

  2. that sure is a pretty bag

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