Monday, 10 August 2009

Avon Lipsticks

These are my favourite lipsticks & can not wait to buy more!
The first one is Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick & the colour I have is Frozen Rose:
This colour is like a dusky pink with gold reflects. This shade is a neutral colour so will suit any skin tone ( Avon also say so ). The normal price for this is £6.50. This goes on smoothly, feels really creamy and just feels amazing to wear. This just adds that little more pigmentation to your lips with a gorgeous shimmer effect...

The second lipstick is Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick SPF15. I have this in Delicate pink:
My camera has died so these images are from the internet, the colour of the lipstick above is not Delicate pink. Here is an Image of what the colour looks like:

This colour is basically a toned down pink and is also a neutral shade so any ages can wear this colour. I love love love this! Again it is creamy, moisturising and you do not need to wear a gloss over this lipstick because it already looks as if your wearing one. The SPF15 is a bonus and the 'moisturising core' really does seem to work. The normal price for this lipstick is £7.

The prices I have gave you won't really matter because Avon always have deals on like '2 for £8' or 'Spend £15 and get a free handbag' so the overall prices which you pay for their products work out really cheap.

I defiantly recommend Avon's lipsticks. :)


  1. I just got Mascara and an eyeshadow pallet from Avon.
    Waiting for it to arrive, but now wishing I'd spotted that Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick.
    Maybe next time!


  2. I've never ordered from Avon before, but those lipsticks look gorgeous! I might look on there website after. :)


  3. Avon lipsticks are amazing and such a good price.Good post!

    followed you:)

  4. The twistup one is a lvely colour, it looks very creamy :) Gorgeous Blog xxxx

  5. iv been very tempted to order some avon products - i think you have just tipped it for me!


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