Thursday, 20 August 2009

I can see a rainbow...

I barely wear eyeshadow & when I do its normally just a wash of a neutral colour, so my BeautyUK palette rarely gets used due to the insane bright colours ( A few rainbow looks but thats about it ).
But lately I have been using bright eyeshadow on my lower lash line to give a look a pop of colour and I've been running to this ( not literally, I would just look like a silly moo! ). I wear the blues a lot of the time because they make my brown eyes look amazing.
Here is the little bundle of joy:
This is the number 2 palette which obviously is the bright coloured one. I think there are three more as well. These gorgeous palettes can be found in Superdrug and are only £3.49!
Now some people would think 'Beauty UK, £3.49? Mustn't be very good' & they would be completely wrong. These palettes are highly pigmented & a must have, simply because they're cheap, good quality & if you buy all the palettes, you would be set on the colours you need.



  1. I was going to buy one of these today but I didnt so im going to buy one tomorrow now! :D xxx

  2. oh i passed by these in superdrug for the exact reason you said - i'll swatch next time i see them!

  3. i think one of these is on my wishlist :)

  4. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!! I got the neutral one too(with the browns/black/white) aren't they just really pigmented and easy to blend.

  5. Thats such a gorgeous palette!!! Its great that their nicely pigmented! Thats the first quesiton that popped into my mind when I saw the pic and the price - Pretty good for your money! xx


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