Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Had a little taste, I now want the whole cake!

... well product. I'm talking about Barry M's Lip Lacquer Crayons :)
Whilst browsing the isles in Superdrug with the mother, I found myself wondering over to the Barry M section and swatching their latest additions. I was actually stunned by how glossy and pigmented these were. The pigmentation of these is mind blowing and soon found my hand covered in bright, sparkling, glossy swatches. They all look a little over whelming so the first one I tried was 'Ballet Pink', the lightest pink and it gives a sheer, shimmery (and yet again, glossy) effect. This has lilac reflects in which look just stunning. I then tried the others, which, as you can see are extremely bright so I hope you can use just a small amount which will tone the colour down. As you can tell, I like these already but I don't know how they feel or last on your lips.
I really need to be saving and don't wear many lip products but these are so tempting. Mothers day is coming up and I'm sure my mum wouldn't mind a few (which I can borrow :P). My mum likes 'Ballet Pink' with Vaseline's 'Rosy Lips' over the top to give a sheer, natural colour which slightly shimmers in the light.

Lip Lacquer Crayon


  1. I really want to try one of these :) x

  2. Those look interesting! I'd like to see some swatches when you get a chance (=

  3. I want to try these too - saw them in Superdrug the other day and thought they looked fab! x

  4. I have no5, ballet pink- it is stunning on!! xx

  5. I want to try them, they look great! XO


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