Saturday, 6 February 2010

Republic Haul

I've just placed an order with Republic which shall arrive next week :). Republic is probably my favourite clothes store to buy from now and is the first store I look at when needing (wanting) some clothes. They are also my favourite store to buy dresses from as they are gorgeous! I already have a few and I am going to purchase another one for a wedding I have coming up. The dresses are around £20-£40 which I think is quite good. I did used to think their prices were quite expensive but that was when all my clothes came from
Primark, and compared to Primark, all stores are expensive. I still don't think its cheap, but I'd rather have 1 memorable top than 10 plain boring tops which no-one will notice.
My order this time consists of basic clothing:

T-shirt £14.99

Denim mini skirt £19.99 or 2 for £30

Hoody £19.99 or 2 for £30

Light blue vest £5.99

Navy vest £5.99


  1. I love republic, we've only had my local store for a year or so but it's still one of my favourite shops. I love their summer dresses and always take advantage of their 2 for £30 offers :) xx

  2. I like republic they do some gorgeous dresses but unfortunatly i dont get the chance go out much these days :(
    Their hoodies are sooo comfy i have a couple myself :)

  3. Absolutely love the first tee!!!

    One of my bestfriends is in the Navy, he's going to Iraq or Iran or someplace in AUgust! Naww :( x


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