Monday, 22 February 2010

Those Rare Few...

Hello :)
I rarely finish a product and its even more rare if I purchase it again because I'm always trying out different things. I'll start using the product for a few weeks and then the novelty wears off, but below are products I've finished and re-purchased:

Nivea Lip Care Pearl and Shine £2-£3 depending on the store. I have so many lip balms and this is one of the only ones I've stuck to. Firstly, because its a stick lip balm which means my hands won't get messy. Secondly, it makes your lips smooooooth and thirdly, leaves your lips with a gorgeous pearly shine.

Collection 2000 Volume Sensation £4.99. Although I do use different mascara's, this is the only one I've re-purchased (about 6 times). I love my mascara's to have large bristle brushes and this has exactly that.

Boots Intensive Hair Masks £1.99. I use these everyday as a normal conditioner so no wonder I go through so many! They leave my hair silky soft :) Review for these can be found here.

Body Treatment Cocoa Body Butter (Have only found in Wilkinsons) around £1. I've written a review for this here. Smells gorgeous, leaves skin really soft, same size as a large Bodyshop's body butter and is extremely cheap!



  1. I love boots intensive hair masks i love the coconut one the best! :) XO

  2. Im definately going to try those boots hair masks! You'd probably like the bourjois clubbing mascara if you like big brushes. It can be abit clumpy in a volumising kind of way, it depends if you like that kind of thing :)xx

  3. Will so have to purchase the Boots intensive hair masks for that price!

    Really like your blog btw, your blog is one of the rare few that show off good affordable products. Which I love.


  4. ooh im very interested in the boots treatment!
    may have to try that!


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