Monday, 17 January 2011


I've finally found a coat! I'm not in love with it but it'll do. I'm size 8-10 in clothes and normally get hoodies/coats in a size 12 but they didn't have any so I got a 14. I don't mind though because I like big, cosy coats. It's not waterproof but again, I don't care because it will still keep me dry.

Newlook coat £40.

Newlook fleece £15.

My dad said it looks stupid showing parts of the coat but I can't get a full length photo because I don't have flexible arms. He also said it looks stupid covering my face but I didn't like how I looked in the photo.

UPDATE: I am now in love with this coat :) It looks so much better in person and it is sooo cosy!



  1. The coat is cute! And they both look warm!

  2. The coat looks super warm. Not bad for £40. :)


  3. I like coats that droop over my face because it keeps my face dry when it rains as compared to the usual ones.

    It's nice! :)


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