Sunday, 2 January 2011

My Room

I've been painting my room and a few people wanted to see it so here you go!

I know my room isn't classy or sophisticated but in fact a little childish. The furniture is old and falling apart (& is what makes my room look childish!) so I'm saving up to get a new bed, desk and chest of drawers.

Here's what you see when you walk in my room and turn to the left.

Clockwise is my desk. You can see the colour this wall is painted, the rest are painted white.

To the right is my window (& my 9 plants!)

A closer look at what is in the corner of the above photo. This is the first thing you see when you walk into my room. Top is make-up and nail stuff, middle is skincare (Left to right is facial wash/scrubs, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye care and random.) and bottom is body and hair products.

Clockwise again is my wardrobe. I painted the border with the turquoise paint too.

I told you it isn't modern or classy! But I like my room and will like it even more when I get rid of the hideous furniture!



  1. I really like the turquoise and white together, simple but classic :)
    mateches your storage for your make up too!! x

  2. ..R May A..: I did notice that but it wasn't why I chose the paint I promise haha I don't colour co-ordinate that much!

  3. I love the colour of your walls!

  4. I love these kinda posts I would love to re organise your funiture around :) lucky to have a lovely big window x

  5. Love the turquoise! I know what you mean about furniture making your room look childish, about half of mine where bought when I was like 8 or something, they're just plain pine (similar to yours) but don't match my room or the rest of my furniture. Ideally I'd buy new ones but since I'm hoping to move out soon I'm waiting till then :) xxx

  6. I love the turquoise - such a bright and happy colour. x

  7. Awhhh what a lovely colour.
    I really like it :)


  8. Such a nice colour. Tbh i actually really like your room :) I think it looks cosey and girly! x

  9. i love the turquoise colour!i really need to paint my room too.
    p.s. i've awarded you the stylish blogger award x

  10. Your room is nice and tidy. I`m glad you like it. Nice turquoise color as well.

  11. I think the turquoise is an awesome colour.. im moving house in a year or two and thats what I think ill pick.. lilacs been cute and classic with shabby chic furniture but i think its time for turquoise and white wood with animal print!

  12. Your room is lovely looks so cosey girlie and organised :) oo And I love the pop of turquoise! xx

  13. nice choice of wall color.. and your room looks very organized... =)

  14. <3 you blogg and the turquoise is a really cool colour, really feel good :)
    Follow me?
    Izzy xx <3


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