Friday, 7 January 2011

The power of photoshopping

This isn't a long post, just an example of photo manipulation. I used, which anyone can access and the tools are easy to use. No professional work and look at this:

Ignore my hair and eye make-up, it's a mess!

So what have I done?
Whitened my teeth.
Blemish fixed my dark under eye circles.
Airbrushed my skin.

If I can do that, think of how much manipulation can be done to media texts!

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.



  1. You are so right. Editing does my head in!

    But oh my gosh you are cute as a button! Haha :)


  2. it's awful how we are so deluded by the media and perceive "beauty" as something that, in this case, is fake!

  3. Youre so pretty!

    & i agree with you on the whole manipulation thing. You just dont know whats real anymore in magazines etc.

  4. you shouldn't be worried about posting picture of yourself - your stunning :)
    I really like your brows(a bit random I know) but can you do a post on how you do them? x

  5. You look lovely here:) and it's true how edited images get before they get published! What highlighter are you wearing here? Your cheeks seem to have such a lovely glow, x

  6. ..R May A..: Aw thank you :) Of course I can, I was actually going to do one soon. It's really simple and just consists of some eyebrow powder!

    Emma: It's First Light Cosmetics mineral blush in Kohilo, such a gorgeous colour and affordable too :)

  7. Great post, you're definitely right. I always look at edited photos of celebrities and think "i want to look like that". Then i remember that it's edited and even they don't look like that.

  8. I am rubbish on photoshop, it's really complicated. but WOW, you didn't need the airbrushing in the first place!! :) xoxo

  9. wow great post! you are SO pretty, you don't need photoshop!xx

  10. I love playing around on Picnik editing photos of celebrities as a hobbie. and I will admit that I have heavily edited photos of myself in the past - whitened my teeth, blemish fixed all my spots, changed my eye colour etc etc, but looking back, I looked so stupid in the photos as it doesn't really look like me. Although, I think photo-shopping/airbrushing is quite good for little things like taking out spots, but not to the point that the person is basically unrecognisable.
    aah, sorry, long comment. and, you look very pretty in the photo, :) x


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