Sunday, 9 January 2011

Someday Summary

  • I have exams coming up so I have began to increase my revision hours. Yesterday I revised Psychology for 3 hours and wrote an English essay, very productive!
  • It was also a productive day yesterday because I bought my May Ball dress (Year 13 prom):
It's from TFNC London and was £25 down from £50, bargain! I'm hoping it fits and if it doesn't, I've seen a few dresses from Lipsy I like. As you can guess from the name, my prom is in May so I'm very prepared! Thank you to the girls on Twitter who were helping me look (And persuaded me to buy the dress!)

  • My 18th birthday is in 11 days. I'm not doing anything because I think going for a meal with friends would be boring as I do it every year. This year I'm just having a Chinese with my mum, dad and sister. Oh and I'm having a three tower cheesecake birthday cake! I love cheesecake you see :)
  • Media is getting on my nerves. As I previously mentioned, I have exams this month but my Media teachers want us to hand in our Coursework essay and a draft of our practical. This is going to be impossible. The other teacher has also given us an essay, grrr.

And now a child hood memory! (Picture from

My favourite Pokemon character, Snorlax! He's fat and only wakes up to eat haha



  1. Gorgeous dress. Hope your revision is going well :) x

  2. i love the dress, hope it fits and can hardly wait to see some photos in May, haha :P
    and good luck with your exams and essays!

  3. The dress is lovely, i like the way the top is slightly different to the bottom. I have so much revision I have my first exam at uni coming up tues and my son has been off nursery with chicken pox so I only have tomorrow to cram about 8hours of revision in, its a nightmare x

    p.s.send me some of your cake i looooove cheesecake x

  4. That dress is gorgeous! I wish I could block revise like you... I loose my concentration so easily. I have an exam tomorrow, and one on Tuesday too - panic setting in right about now lol. Good luck! xoxo

  5. The dress is beautiful I bet you'll look lovely in it! x

  6. I love your dress! Good luck with the revision, I had all my exams a week before xmas, so haven't got any until May. I also have a May Ball in may ;) and haven't yet got my dress.. though most of my friends have!

  7. I love the dress, and Snorlax! haha :) x

  8. In Media, we've already started out practical. We've made our film and now have to do our two auxilary tasks! Argh, it's stressful. Our teacher is really pressing on us to finish EVERYTHING soon, as though we have time to do that and reivse. So I definately get what you're saying.
    I love the dress!

  9. love the dress!gorgeous colour!I did media at A level,had to do a music video and mine was awful haha xx

  10. Absolutely love that dress:)x

  11. lovely dress! am looking forward to seeing pictures in may :)

    i loooove cheesecake! xx

  12. hah my friends used to call me snorlax ! i've no idea why, they just did :)
    btw. lovely dress ;)


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