Friday, 28 January 2011

Someday Summary - Photos by me!

What to update you with this week...

  • I had an English exam Wednesday and a Psychology exam today. English was hard! Teachers said it was a tough paper this year. I know I've screwed it up so that's another retake in the Summer! Psychology was OK. I'm glad I'm not confident about it because last time I was confident, I didn't do so well.
  • I have a Falmouth University interview on the 16th February. This includes a group discussion. I am terrified! If I do it, I will be so proud of myself. Going to buy an outfit next week as I have no smart clothes. I'm thinking smart shorts and tights with a classic white shirt.
  • I'm getting my provisional driving license photo taken tomorrow. I'm going to take extra care with my hair and make-up! Cannot wait for my provisional to arrive, can then buy alcohol and go in town
    (Have no other ID, boo!)... as well as learn to drive haha.

There isn't much else to tell you really. This week's photos are my own! I really like my new camera, it produces some nice detailed photos. I have used Picnik to create the effects. I love that website so much!

My Blue Nose Friends collection! Aren't they cute?

Puddin' (Yes that is her real name; she was chubby as a kitten!). She snores. And breathes loudly.

Mia, Puddin's mother. She is purrdddyy.



  1. aww your cats are adorable :)
    good luck with your uni interview!! x

  2. Your cat is so cute.
    Good luck with your interview - that sounds like a good outfit choice. x

  3. Good luck with your interview at Falmouth:) Your blue nose friends collection is adorablee♥ and hope you did well in your exam:)

  4. Aw your pets are cute! Good luck with your interview! x

  5. aww your cat is cute. I had to laugh as our cat snores very loudly too. its funny and sweet x

  6. wow, Falmouth University? you must live near to me as I live in Truro, which you obviously know is near Falmouth. weird, lol.

  7. Sophie: I live in Plymouth and go to a school in Saltash :) x

  8. Oh! That means you can go to Drakes Circus easy, I'm very jealous ;) xo

  9. Ahhh I did the A2 psychology exam too yesterday (AQA?) It was alright :) I used to have a chain with the same clock on it but the clock fell off and I don't know where it is :(

  10. did you do last year's psych paper as a practice? Because that was my exam! :) x

  11. EmmahLaurah: No I don't think we did any practice papers for Psychology this year but we normally do x


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