Friday, 13 July 2012

Barry M Pink Silver Glitter


Natural light

Barry M's Pink Silver Glitter is my first glitter nail polish! You see, I'm not the greatest fan of glitter nail polishes - A lot of them are too chunky for my liking. However, I really like this particular one. The colour is subtle, leaving the glitter to do the talking (Sometimes, a bright colour and glitter can be too much). The glitter particles in this polish are small, dense and spread evenly, so it only takes three coats to completely cover your nail. What I also love about this polish, and most glitters, is that you do not have to be careful when painting your nails - You cannot see dents and smudges like you do with creme finishes.
This nail polish gets a thumbs up from me! What glitter nail polish would you suggest I try next?


  1. Oooh this is pretty! You should try Juicy Jules from Models Own, it is quite gritty nothing a good topcoat can't fix, and it's just so sparkly and pretty! Love it! xx

  2. Ooh so pretty!! Love Barry M polishes xx

  3. That's a really pretty one Louise! Similar to Models Own Pink Fizz I think though, and I own pink fizz or I'd be out buying it... Love the muted pink!

    I like Technic's carnival on top of nice, muted colours - Topshop's threadbare is a lovely base for it. I only do one coat of the glitter, and the larger bits look like mini sequins! Really pretty :)

    Zoe xoxo


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