Sunday, 29 July 2012

Palmer's Moisturising Body Oil

This is the first body oil I've used. In the past, I thought body oils would leave me oily and do very little moisturising. I didn't know why someone would favour one over a body butter. Everything I thought was incorrect. I am really enjoying using this product and have already bought another body oil! I use this after I've had a shower and I can moisturise my entire body and get dressed within a few minutes. The scent is delicious, like most of Palmer's products. However, this is much more delicate than their other Cocoa Butter Formula products, so if you find them overwhelming, you'll probably prefer this scent. It absorbs into the skin incredibly well - Some of my body butters leave me more oily than this does. Just like the product claims, it leaves my skin silky soft. This feeling lasts all day, as does the scent (The scent is very subtle, remember, so it doesn't overpower my perfume). You receive 250ml of product, and a little goes a long way, so this should last a while.

Like most Palmer's products, you can purchase this from many stores. Superdrug and Boots are selling it for around £5.10, but if you would like to get your hands on this product without leaving your home, Feel Unique is selling it for £5, with free delivery.

If you cannot tell from my review, I would recommend the Palmer's Moisturising Body Oil!


  1. Great review, might have to try this!

    Sarah xx

  2. I love this too, it's amazing! It leaves my skin so soft....great review!

    Sophie x

  3. aah, I think I might have to try this now! x


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