Friday, 27 July 2012

Beauty Buys

Hello! Despite having a beauty blog, I rarely buy a lot of beauty products. I only buy necessities, such as concealer and mascara. Recently, however, I have bought more beauty products than usual. As you can see, I have already been using these products (I couldn't wait!) and will have some reviews up shortly. 

So, where shall we start? The three pots with brown lids, on the near left, are Boots Extracts Fairtrade Brazil Nut 50ml pots. I won all three on eBay for £3.84, including P&P. I already own a small pot of the Brazil Nut body butter (as well as a handful of other scents) and love it. It's similar to the Cocoa Butter scent, but a lot better, in my opinion. 

I had a trusty Boots No7 £5 off voucher, so decided to try the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. Without the voucher, it is £10, so I only paid £5 for it. You get more product than you do with Liz Earle's variant and it's a lot cheaper. It removes my make-up well and leaves my skin slightly soft, but it doesn't leave it as soft as Liz Earle's. I'm not too bothered though, seeing as it's much more affordable.

Next, I bought the Palmer's Moisturising Body Oil. You can buy this from Superdrug, Boots, Feel Unique, Amazon etc for around £5. Before this, I had never used a body oil because I thought it would leave me oily, like the name suggests. Oh, how very wrong I was! It sinks in to the skin incredibly well and leaves me less oily than a body butter or lotion would. It leaves your skin silky soft, just as it claims to. A more in depth review of this will be up shortly.

Did I need any more shower gel? No, I have bottles and bottles of the stuff. But I just had to buy the Nivea Water Lily & Oil and the Sunny Melon & Oil Shower Gels. These were £1.24 each (half price) from Boots. They smell divine!

I bought the Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover from Superdrug a while ago, so cannot remember the price. It's between £1-2 though. This is my favourite nail polish remover. It removes nail polish well, but it's the scent that keeps me repurchasing. It's slightly more subtle and sweet than your average remover, and doesn't make me feel sick.

As I said, I rarely buy beauty products, especially hyped up make-up items, so it was out of character for me to buy the Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Flushed. I bought this from Superdrug for £5.99 (normally £7.99). You get a lot of product - 12.4g! The shade looks vibrant and slightly scary in the pot, but it's very natural looking, once applied to the skin. It feels... satin-y - A lot different to the NYX cream blushes. I suppose this is because it has a cream-powder finish. 

Whilst in Superdrug, I also picked up the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick for £5.99 too (normally £7.99). I love fuss free lip products, so stains are my best friends. A lot of people are describing Lovesick as being a hot pink shade. I think it leans far more purple than that. For that reason, I bought the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart from eBay. I had to buy this shade from America because the UK doesn't have it. It annoys me that the UK always has limited product shades. Anyway, I paid £7, including P&P from America, from this seller. I think that's a pretty good deal! It took just over a week to arrive. Even though Sweetheart is more pink than Lovesick, it still leans cool toned/purple-y. I wish Revlon brought out more shades - A warm pink would be great.

Lastly from Superdrug, I bought Barry M's Pink Silver Glitter Nail Polish for £2.99. I wrote a post about it here. It's a beautiful shade and has changed my mind about glitters.

So, there you go! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like me to review any of the products above, just leave me a comment.


  1. I want to try the Palmer's body oil, I used to use Bio Oil which is an amazing product but it is quite expensive for what you get. I didn't realise that you couldn't get 'Sweetheart' in the UK, I saw a swatch of it a while ago and have been on the lookout ever since, I'll have to check it out on Ebay xx

  2. I also rarely buy beauty products but I do like having an occasional Boots splurge. I got the hot cloth cleanser for £5 too, I don't like it as much as Liz Earle's but for £5 it does the job! x

  3. Oooo what an excellent collection of goodies!
    I cant wait to try the Revlon photo ready cream blush and the lipstains.
    Im interestesed in the palmers body oil too....oh who am i kidding I like it all! haha


  4. Ooh lovely purchases! I really want to try the Revlon balm stains- its making me want to try out more colourful products on my lips! xxx

  5. I can't wait to see your review of the body oil - I've been wanting to try one, but like you, I always think it'll leave me all oily :| x

  6. Mmm I love Palmers body oil, smells so nice too. x


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