Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Body Shop Treats and Discount Code

The Body Shop and their offers! I think they have the best offers around, and because they're so frequent, I never pay full price for the products I want. The offer this time was 'spend £50, get £25 off' and 'free delivery on all orders'. So, basically, the products were half price. I took advantage of this deal the last time it was on - You can see the goodies I bought then here. I do think The Body Shop is overpriced, so I always wait for an irresistible deal.

The first item I added to my basket was the Coconut Beautifying Oil. After trying the Palmer's Moisturising Body Oil (Review can be found here), I wanted to try another, and I knew the coconut scent would be delicious. This is £9 full price, which is so overpriced, especially since you receive 100ml of product (Unlike Palmer's 250ml). However, a body oil does go a long way, so I still think this product will last for a decent amount of time.

Next, I bought the Coconut and Mango Body Mists. Again, you receive 100ml of product. These are £7 full price. They smell amazing! And, to my surprise, last for a few hours. I was going to buy some of their new floral sprays, but I prefer fruity scents, so knew for definite that I would like these.

I also bought the Mango Body Butter, along with the Sweet Lemon Body Butter. I normally favour Boots Extracts body butters, because they're cheaper, but these worked out to be even cheaper with the offer. You can buy mango body butters from many brands, but sweet lemon isn't as common, so I was most excited about receiving that one.

To make it up to £50, I also bought some Organic Cotton Pads (£2.50 full price), but didn't feel the need to photograph them. I was going to buy a soap to make up the total, but I know I'll use and finish the pads. Finally, as a freebie, I received a 60ml bottle of the Rainforest Volumising Conditioner.

I've just been on The Body Shop's website and there's another offer on! For 40% off your online order, use code X451. This offer ends at 12pm on the 1st August (Tomorrow!). Happy shopping!


  1. likewise, i never pay full price for anything, i picked up the pink grapefruit body mist, omg! its the best smell in the world, you will love the beautifying oil, they are really nice xxx

  2. you always seem to find the best bargains! Like the look of the Mango body mist! :) x

  3. I love body shop's mists! Will have to try out the mango one!

  4. I agree with Lynsey - you get the best bargains! I love body shop body butters xx

  5. I love The Body Shop! Haven't bought anything from there for a while though, sad I missed the 50% off! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Beautifying Oil! xx


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