Friday, 21 December 2012

Affordable Home Decor Haul

Hello! This was meant to be up at the beginning of the week, but I kept buying things...

Hanging hearts - Store Twenty One via QS - £4.99

I love these hanging hearts! They're meant to be photo frames, but I thought they'd look pretty with prints in. Of course, Cath Kidston patterns were the first ones I thought of. The middle heart just contains a pattern I found on Google images.

Photo box - Store Twenty One via QS - £1.99

I have some photos which have become very special in the last couple of months, due to the people in them passing on. I wanted to keep them somewhere safe, so thought this photo box would be great for that. I would like to get a beautiful photo album, but in the mean time, this will do.


As you can see, I've become obsessed with hanging decorations! I bought them to hang on my beauty chest of drawers.
The small silver heart can be found here for £1.75, with 65p postage.
The white metal heart can be found here for 99p, with 39p postage.
The robin ornament can be found here and costs £2.50, with 75p postage.
And the white metal birds can be found here and are priced at 99p, with 39p postage. I don't know if other people are normally sent two, but I received two. Because of this, I'm giving one away as part of a present.

Apart from the robin, they are all from the same seller, so if you are ordering more than one, you can combine the postage.


I also bought this hanging decoration. It doesn't go with the colour scheme of my beauty corner, so it's on my wardrobe door and contrasts beautifully with the turquoise. You can buy it here for £2.49, including P&P.

100 pearl berry lights - Primark - £7

I am so happy with my lights from Primark. I've wanted some fairy lights for a while, but didn't want tacky ones or normal Christmas tree lights. I love that these are round and look like little berries. I have a very wide window, and 100 of them are the perfect length. These are only around for Christmas, so I would buy some soon!

I hope you enjoy your weekend! My next few posts will include my favourite books of 2012, a book haul, Secret Santa/Christmas presents, and, of course, a Christmas sales haul!

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