Monday, 17 December 2012

Affordable, quick and simple Christmas present idea - Handmade vouchers


My dad is not a materialistic person, so buying presents for him is difficult. This year, I've bought him a t-shirt and designed a mug (I drew a wolf onto a plain mug with a Sharpie). However, I wanted to give him something else as well. After him saying "No, you don't need to get me anything" a countless amount of times last night, I suggested meal vouchers, and this intrigued him. When he would like something cooked, he can hand me a voucher and I'll cook it for him. He's already said that he would like some more of these for his birthday! I'm thinking about doing a variety next time - meal vouchers, car wash vouchers, cups of tea vouchers etc
You can get the printable (gift tag) designs I have here. You can make yours look a lot better than mine though. I only had paper to print on. You could print them on card and make the message on the back a lot more decorative.
Merry Christmas!

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