Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's my birthday!

 photo BirthdayPavlova_zpsa3421741.jpg photo BirthdayCupcakes2_zps1d71911f.jpg

I've turned 20 today! For me, this birthday is the important one. Not only am I no longer a teenager, but I've turned 20 on the 20th. I'm not doing anything today though, apart from revising. My parents don't get paid until next week, so at the end of the month, they're buying me the 9 books I really want and taking me out for a meal. I'll show you my birthday presents, along with the books, in a couple of weeks :) I'm not a fan of sponge, so prefer not to have a standard cake for my birthday. A couple years ago, I had a triple tower cheesecake birthday cake, and this year, I decided on a pavlova. As well as this, my sister got me some apple crumble and lemon meringue cupcakes. I know they're sponge, but cupcakes are different! For one, they provide just the amount of sponge I can enjoy, two, they have deliciousness on top, and three, they're ever so cute.
I was happy to jump into the next year of my life during my teens because it meant I was growing up, but now, I don't want to grow up! It's scary. I'm just going to keep being myself and doing what I do though. Age is just a number, after all!

Update - More photos of the pavlova:
 photo BirthdayPavlova2_zps929774ac.jpg

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