Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Nail Fail

The nails above took me hours to do, I wasn't happy with them, and they weren't drying, so I've just removed them. Thankfully, I managed to take a rubbish photo on my phone before doing so. I wasn't going to show you them, but they took ages, so I may as well get something out of it! In case you're wondering, the blue nail polish is Look Beauty's Vintage, the yellow is Sally Hansen's Yellow Kitty, the light pink is Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream, the lilac is Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, the white is Models Own Nail Art Pen in White (mine was clogged up, which didn't help matters!), the black is Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black, the orange is Barry M's Gelly Papaya, and the medium pink is Barry M's Gelly Dragon Fruit.

I think this will be the last time I try nail art for a while! I become obsessive and stressed, which is never fun.

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