Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MUA Haul, Swatches and First Impressions - Power Pouts and Undress Your Skin Range

Power Pouts in Justify, Broken Hearted, Irreplaceable and Crazy In Love, Undress Your Skin Skin Primer, Foundation in Porcelain and Highlighter

Power Pouts in Justify, Broken Hearted, Irreplaceable and Crazy In Love, Undress Your Skin Foundation in Porcelain and Highlighter

When MUA announced that they were releasing lip crayons last week, I knew I had to buy some. I love my Revlon ones, so these excited me! I also added some other products from the Undress Your Skin range to my basket.

So far, I'm liking the Power Pouts (£3 each). They're a lot more pigmented than I thought they'd be, and they also leave a slight stain. I don't wear orange lip products, so wasn't going to buy Justify, but thought I could layer it and warm up some of my pink shades. It's much more beautiful than the online images, so I'm happy. The other three shades are also beautiful. The only shades I didn't pick up were the nude and red ones, but I may have to! I'll be posting some lip swatches of these in the next few days, so stay tuned!

I really like the primer's (£3, normally £5) packaging! I was pleasantly surprised to see it comes in a glass bottle. I was also surprised that it's only 15ml because the other primers I've tried are 30-50ml. I suppose you don't need much of it, though. I've only tried this on the back of my hand so far - It was so soft, it felt oily, but it wasn't oily at all, and it absorbed into my skin incredibly quick.

I don't wear foundation, but I use a generous amount of concealer, especially on the bottom of my cheeks where I have red patches. I bought the Undress Your Skin Foundation in Porcelain (£3, normally £5) to use in these areas. Underneath my arm, where I've swatched the products, is one of the lightest parts of my body, so although it looks slightly too dark for me in the photo, it's not.

The highlighter (£2, normally £3) looks really pretty. I was surprised how hard it feels to touch, but that doesn't hinder the pigmentation. It's shimmery, like most highlighters. There's not much more to say. It was one of the products I added to my basket just for the sake of it!

MUA are really on the ball at the moment. They've also just released some Merged Baked Eyeshadow Trios, which look really pretty.

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