Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lush The Brightside Bubble Bar Review

The Brightside is one of the limited edition products Lush has brought out for Easter, and I wish they'd make it permanent! It's the same design, size and price (£4.25) as The Comforter and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, but the colours and scent are different. The Brightside has a citrus fragrance and smells of natural, sharp oranges. Some products have multiple fragrance notes, so you can never pin point the true scent, but that is not the case with this bubble bar. It only smells of oranges, and I absolutely love it. Performance wise, it's also great. It produces lots of bubbles and leaves the water a deep orange shade. I don't have baths, but I do love a good foot soak, and use bubble bars in them. If you use bubble bars for baths, you can cut this into 6-8 pieces, making it worth the money (I know some people can even get about 10 uses out of it). It'll last even longer for me because foot soaks require much less water. Like the other varieties of this bubble bar, Lush say 'you can easily break it in two and save the second half for another day'. They really need to change that. You can get so many more uses out of it. I think using half at once is a waste.

Have you tried this bubble bar yet? Or any of the other Easter products?

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