Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shorts Haul

If I'm not wearing jeans, I'm wearing shorts with black tights. A few weeks ago, I felt like I needed a few more pairs! The top left pair are from ASOS and are originally £22 without any codes. They're called 'belted shorts with turn up', and they also come in navy and berry red (which I really want!). They feel like great quality. I'd never purchased bottoms from ASOS before, so didn't know if their sizes were true to fit, but they are. Then, I headed to eBay and bought the other three pairs - All new. The top right pair are from New Look and I paid around £5, including P&P, for them. They're very similar to the ASOS ones! They're also quite see through, but I'll be wearing them with black tights, so it doesn't matter. I already own the bottom left pair, and wear them all the time, so wanted some back ups. They're also from New Look, and cost me just £3.70, including P&P. The last pair are from River Island, and I paid around £9 for them, including P&P. They don't go with black tights as well as the others, so don't think I'll be wearing them as often, but I still really like them. All of the shorts above are fairly high-waisted, and the last pair definitely are, so my legs look extra long!

Have you found any gems on eBay recently?

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