Thursday, 21 March 2013

Throwback Thursday

I thought it would be fun to start doing Throwback Thursday posts, so here's my first one! It's also reminded me to scan in the photos that mean a lot to me. The one above is one of my favourites, and I actually have it in my purse. You have my dad, my sister (the baby), me, Jessie (the dog) and Monty (the cat). I'm guessing my sister is around 6 months old here, which would make me 3 1/2 in this photo. I'm surprised I'm not smiling because in all the others I am - I loved the camera! Jessie lived right up until I was 15, and she was 15, too (My dad got her when I was a baby). Look how huge Monty was! He wasn't far off being Jessie's size. I would pick him up under his armpits and drag him around the house, and he would just put up with it. He wouldn't let anyone else do it to him, though. Sadly, Monty got cancer 1-2 years after this photo and died. If we ever have another cream male cat, we'd name it after him (like my current dog is named after Jessie).

So, there's my first Throwback Thursday. I wasn't planning on writing that much, but when my animals are included, I can talk for days!

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