Saturday, 28 June 2014

Graduation - What Did You Wear?

I'm graduating this year, and although the ceremony isn't until October, I thought I'd start keeping an eye out for dresses. I spotted this dress in Miss Selfridge (a store I never go in) yesterday, and liked the look of it. My dad thinks it's boring, but I'd say simple. I like the shape, the print, and the fact that it's black and white, so I can wear any colour accessories. This is just the first dress I've seen, and I won't be buying anything just yet, so am on the look out for other options. If you've graduated in the past, I'd love to see what you wore, whether that be in blog post or photo form. My Twitter is @Lou_AT and my Instagram is louuu20.

Also, my dad said he's buying me a graduation gift, which I wasn't expecting. I'm thinking about asking for a dainty necklace because it's something I can keep for years to come. If you've seen any nice ones, I'd love to know. I've seen a couple on Etsy, but don't really know where else to look! I don't want it to be more than £50.

Thank you in advance!

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