Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Nails

Earlier on in the week my nails were painted red but they got completely ruined as I have been decorating my room (Wrong time I know, I just couldn't wait!). Last night I couldn't be bothered to paint them with another red because it's the one colour that takes me a while to paint. I've also worn different shades of reds for two weeks so wanted something different.

George (Asda) nail polish in Warrior.

It's the only goldish colour I have but I really like it as it's subtle and not tacky.



  1. It looks lovely, very christmassy! Are those your natural nails? x

  2. Gorgeous colour, your nails have got so long! x

  3. That colours so pretty. xx

  4. pretty color! really perfect for Christmas! =D


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