Monday, 27 December 2010

Wavy Hair

I used to wear my hair wavy quite a lot but then I had it cut and couldn't achieve the same look. My hair is now long again so I can. I plait it at night in 4-6 sections and then take it out in the morning. With this hair style, I can do my hair in 20 seconds, saving a lot of time!



  1. msconversecrazy: All I done was plait my hair in 6 sections the night before, no products were used x

  2. Aw your hair looks gorgeous. This is such a simple to achieve style that looks really effective. Your hair looks like its really shiny, great condition :D gorgeous!

    Laura xoxo

  3. this looks fab hun ... it reminds me of beach waves!

  4. wow, your hair is stunning!

    Im sooo jealous as:
    a)you have long hair
    b)you have wavy hair
    c)its a stunning colour

    what did you use? or is it natural? (i may have to kill you :)

  5. Corsets, crafts and cupcakes: Awr thank you! You have made my day :D The colour is natural and I just plaited my hair to get it wavy so I don't use any products to get it like that :) x


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