Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nail Polish Collection

I wrote a nail polish collection post two months ago but since then I've accumulated 20 more polishes! The photos are rubbish, cannot wait for a new camera!
If you want to see a colour on my nails, just type the colour of the polish in the search bar at the top.

Nail art brushes are from eBay :)

Barry M:
Coral 296, Pure Turquoise 295, Mint Green 304, Bright Pink 279, Pink Flamingo 305, Strawberry Ice cream 309, Limited Edition, Indigo 312, Raspberry 273, Boots Limited Edition 030, Clear 54.

Lily, Megan, Gwen, Olivia, Blake, Lauren.

Boots 17:
Catwalk Couture, Pink Grapefruit, Fire Cracker, Ruby Dazzle, Royal Indido, True Blue.

Wild 82, Exotic 63, Vivacious 60, Demure 65, Refined 59, Impulsive 83, Proud 80.

Collection 2000 and Miss Sporty:
Sparkle Top Coat, Show Off 23, BMX Bandit 32, Electric Beige 251, Zodiac 203, Peachy 30.

No7 and Barbara Daley (Tesco):
Damson Dream 105, Clear 20, Shock, Velvet.

Nubar 2010, Rimmel Rose Libertine, Andrea Fulerton Debbie, George (Asda) Warrior 45, L'oreal Deep Geranium 603.

+ Star Gazer Neon Pink 104 (Somewhere in my room!).



  1. I have 6 of them Barry M polishes and 3 of the ASOS paints. You should try Models Own, they colour range is fab xxx

  2. Amy: Yeah I keep looking at Models Own but there's so many colours I can't decide which ones to get! x

  3. I want to try the Barry M Indigo. You've now made me want to go out and buy more! haha :) Great collection! x

  4. Great collection - the Barry M ones look fab. I want to do a post like this - I always end up using the same nailpolishes and forget how many I actually do have. x

  5. That's a nice collection!
    Love that Nubar one!

  6. Love this collection! The Miss Sporty metallics look gorgeous *added to mental wishlist* xoxo


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