Friday, 3 December 2010

Stargazer nail polish - 104

Price: £2.50

This is the perfect bright/neon pink with fine shimmer and will definitely brighten your day.
The formula is amazing; smooth, full coverage in 1-2 coats and I've had mine for a year and a half and the formula hasn't changed :)

These polishes are so underrated, the price is really affordable, great formula and there is a large range of colours.
I have a few more but am definitely going to pick up some others :)



  1. Love this colour.I never see these.Do you know which shops sell them??? xx

  2. Thestyleboutique: I haven't experienced any peeling :) x

    BeautybyPaula: Newlook sell them which is the main one I'm aware of :) x

  3. you've gotta love a good pink polish <3

  4. I have this colour! I love it so much :D and it GLOWS UNDER UV LIGHT. Nuff said.

  5. Hey hun Our Newlook in the mall sell these :) x

  6. these all look so good on the stand in new look but I didnt realise they were
    a) so cheap
    b) the messy stand with broken eyeshadow all over it puts me off.

    REQUEST: If you wouldnt mind, could you do a post on how you keep your nails nice and long? They always look lovely


  7. Amelia: Someone else asked me that not long back and I would love to but I don't do anything so the post would be really empty! Thank you for saying how lovely they are though :) x


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