Friday, 17 December 2010

Someday Summary

Haven't wrote one of these for a few weeks because my life is boring! This post is about the little things that have amused me which I want to share with you :)

  • It's finally snowed in the South West! It was coming down heavy earlier but has now stopped. We should have a lot more tomorrow morning.

  • My new loves. These are my Newlook '32in Crinkle Skinny Jean' £19.99. I'm not sure what colour I have but I think they're either Klein Blue or Blue Pattern. The picture does not do them justice at all! They're not crinkly on the knees, that's just where I've been wearing them.

  • This is what one of my best friends Kelly got me for Christmas. It is a Poinsettia, the leaves turn red at Christmas/Winter time. I love it :) I now have 9 plants in my windowsill haha

  • Another friend got me the most useful Christmas present. She knows I want to paint my room so she got me paint and painting accessories ^. The paint is with her at the moment because it was too heavy to bring in!

  • We had a student from Plymouth University (My first choice) come in and talk to us, basically about everything. It scared me to death and I didn't want to go Uni, but afterwards I spoke to her and asked questions, which made me feel better :)
  • Falmouth University is the one University I haven't heard from yet (The rest giving me conditionals) and they want to do an interview. I am terrified as I haven't done one before. All the other Universities didn't need to interview me.

  • I am now on Christmas holidays which normally is a good time but this year I have to revise for my January exams and do my Media coursework. I'm planning on doing 2-3 hours of revision each day. I'm so annoyed with Media because it's getting in the way of my revision.



  1. I have jeans really similar to these from New Look, I got them last year though. I love them so much! x

  2. Those jeans are so cute! I like the crease detail on the hip area. :)

  3. im sure your interview will go perfectly, just be yourself! i love the jeans too, i love how they look worn on the thigh. ahah.


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