Thursday, 11 July 2013

Accessorize Sale Haul

Accessorize currently have a sale on, and I couldn't resist having a look! Surprisingly, I didn't pick up any jewellery. It all looked nice collectively, but nothing stood out individually. The first thing I bought was the coral wallet, which was £8.50 down from £17. To be honest, I bought this in the moment! I'm currently using a purse I'm very happy with, so won't be using this for a while. Still, it'll come in handy one day! Or make a nice present. The next two items were things I'd previously had my eye on, so I'm glad I spotted them at 50% off. The owl keyring was £2.50 down from £5, and the fox purse was £4 down from £8. I bought two owl keyrings; one for me, and one for an extra present. They're so cute! The fox purse may also be a present, but I'm not sure yet. I think both would make nice gifts in a woodland themed present box. I then treated myself to some nice underwear because most of mine is boring and from multi packs. The blue pair were £3.50 down from £7, the black lace pair were £3 down from £6, and the black with pink hearts pair were £2 down from £4.

Have you bought anything from the Accessorize sale?

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