Friday, 12 July 2013

Ciaté Nail Polishes

On the 30th June, Ciaté were offering 50% off their nail polishes, and there was a 30% off and free delivery code floating around, too. This made each polish around £3.15 instead of £9, so I couldn't resist! I hadn't actually heard anything about it until I saw a tweet from the brand in the afternoon. I soon let my Twitter followers know, though, because I know a lot of them are polish addicts like myself! I know there was the whole Ciaté vs. blogger caviar trademark situation last year, but it didn't involve me or stop me from liking the shades they offer. So, from left to right, I chose Big Yellow Taxi, Pepperminty, Fun Fair, and Hoopla. I have so many more lilac and pink polishes compared to yellow and mint ones, so was surprised to find I don't actually have any dupes for Fun Fair or Hoopla. Fun Fair looks like your typical lavender in the photos, but it's more pink than my others. I swatched each shade earlier, and they all took 2 coats. I can see myself adding a 3rd if my application isn't the best, though. 

They took 10 days to dispatch, which isn't acceptable in my eyes. They told me it was because of the sale, which I can understand if there was a slight delay, but not 10 days long! Other popular brands/online shops manage to dispatch orders within, at most, 5 days when they have sales on. The Ciaté one was a one off sale, I'll give you that, but I still wasn't pleased. It arrived quickly once it had been dispatched, though. Probably because it wasn't with Royal Mail! I'm also glad they weren't carried with Royal Mail because my postman has the tendency to drop my packages through the porch window and onto the concrete floor.

I'm going to try and slow down on the nail polish buying front now because my collection is getting rather large! And I don't think I can even get rid of any because I love them all.

Did you take advantage of this sale?

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