Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Current Beauty Top

I keep all of my beauty products in a chest of drawers, and I use the top to store and display my most used items. When I first converted to a chest of drawers, I kept the top minimalistic with just two white wicker baskets and a pot for my brushes. Well, gradually, more and more things have been added! I prefer my stuff to be out where I can see it and easy to reach. Maybe one day I'll have one of those cream and pink coordinated rooms like other bloggers, but I'm content with my set up for now!

So, the white wicker baskets behind everything were the first items to be added to my beauty top. The first contains the makeup I use regularly, and the second contains some palettes and face masks. To the left you have my most used lip products, and to the right you have my brushes. I used to have just one glass for them, but now I have three. The planters in front of the white wicker baskets aren't the prettiest, but they're useful! In the first I have my primers, and in the second I have my most used facial products such as blemish gels, a mist, a tanner, a light moisturiser, and an oil. The third contains some nail products such as cuticle butter, nail files, and nail art brushes. Back to the left I have a ceramic teacup with some cotton pads in and my Garnier lotion and gradual tanner. These are out because I need to be reminded to use them! In front, I have two Organic Surge moisturisers and a The Body Shop mango body butter. This is because I'm trying to get into a routine of moisturising regularly, and having them out helps me remember. Lastly, on the right, I have some wipes, my Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfumes, and some The Body Shop body mists. I was getting tired of opening a draw for the wipes, so decided to keep them on top for easy access!

Are you minimalistic and prefer to store everything away? Or are you like me and end up with products on the tops of everything? To be fair, I only have everything out so I remember to use the products!

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