Friday, 19 July 2013

We'll miss you, Puddin'

Our beautiful, little Puddin' died yesterday. A police officer knocked on the door asking if she was our cat down by the road. She was by our sides during tea an hour earlier, not even that. Puddin' will have been 5 next week, on the 23rd July. She was a timid little kitty, but very affectionate when other people weren't around. You couldn't read a book without her nudging you! And she was just as affectionate to the dogs, sticking her head into Buddy's ears and flub whenever she could. Her heavy breathing always made us smile (after we knew there wasn't a creep under our beds! She was that loud), and she also made Mysti's days (one of our other cats; her auntie) by allowing her to use her as a pillow. You couldn't blame Mysti, though, because Puddin' was a fluffy and tubby little thing. 

It looks like her death was quick, which is one thing to be thankful for, if we can even be thankful for anything in this situation. We're going to miss her so much. Rest in Peace, Puddin'.

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