Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bargain Buys Of The Week

I technically bought the first item 11 days ago and the second 5 days ago but they both arrived this week. Also, 'bargain' has connotations of something amazing but these are pretty standard; I just wanted a catchy title!
I'm really selling this post aren't I?!

I wanted a mini tripod so I can take better photos of products. I don't need a large one at the moment because I don't do outfit posts yet. I also don't know how to set my camera on timer to take full length outfit photos!
I know you can buy cheap tripods from a lot of places but if you're interested, I bought mine here for 99p including delivery. It stands at just 13.8cm tall so don't expect it to be very big! It's the perfect size for what I need it for though.

Swizzel Matlow Sweet Flavour lip balms from Debenhams. These were originally £7-10 but were on offer for £3.50. I also had a discount code so paid £3.15 including delivery. I didn't need these but I love novelty lip products! The Double Lollies one smells of pineapple, which is delicious but not a smell I'd associate with Double Lollies? The Refresher lip balm is lemon scented so smells like a Refresher bar. The Drumstick one is vanilla scented and kind of smells like Drumsticks. The Double Dip is cherry scented but also smells of sherbet so the scent is spot on. The Rainbow Drops lip balm is strawberry scented and smells generally sweet.
I love good old chemically sweet smells ;)



  1. Oooh thanks for the heads up on the tripod, I remember looking for one on ebay but all pretty expensive, I'll probs get that :) and those lip balms look cool, I adore all those kind of sweets so the idea of them looks cool xx

  2. Awwh the lip balms looks so cute, haven't had Swizzel Matlow sweets in so long! Really miss them haa..


  3. the lip balms seem so nice!!! xx

  4. I love the tripod :) Currently on one of the larger ones on Ebay but that is a really cute size.

  5. Just looking at those lipglosses is making me hungry!


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