Friday, 25 March 2011

Outfit Of The Day

I don't like doing Face Of The Day's because I hate the way I look and I don't like doing Outfit Of The Days because my clothes are boring. However, it has been requested a number of times if I could do more of these types of posts, so here you go:

Told you my clothes are boring!

White T-shirt: H&M
Blue shirt: Primark
Dark blue skinny jeans: Newlook
Grey pumps: Primark
Owl necklace: eBay

I'll try and get a Face Of The Day done soon but I'm telling you now, it will take a lot of photos to find one I'm happy with!

Have a good weekend :) x


  1. Not boring at all - Really cute actually :) I love simple but chic looks sometimes aswell as more complex layered up fashion. Lovely :)



  2. your owl necklace is really cute !! pretty little liars inspired??? =]

  3. i agree, cute and simple ... i wear a lot of simple things as well :-)

  4. my beautiful life*: No I don't watch Pretty Little Liars, but I think I should start! I've had the necklace for ages, it was only £1.49 from eBay! and thank you :) x
    Fashionismyh2o and Ev: Thank you :) x

  5. i have the necklace too,same ebayer, no doubt, they have greatt things! :) X

  6. The owl necklace is incredible :)
    Rebecca x (

  7. Wow £1.49 for such a cute necklace! Love your outfit:Dx


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