Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Barry M Instant Nail Effects Polish Shades

Photos were sent to me from Superdrug PR.

This is just a quick post to inform you that two new Barry M Instant Nail Effects Polish shades will be on shelves very soon! I know a lot of people love the black crackle polish but have been waiting for Barry M to bring out other shades. As you can see, the two new shades will be pink and blue; shades to cater for most preferences.

I have yet to try the black crackle polish because I'm not keen on the pattern it creates but I will probably try the blue.

Models Own and Boots 17 are bringing out crackle polishes too so we'll have plenty of choice!

I have a Kelier crackle polish review post coming up soon. I prefer the effect this polish gives (Like shattered glass) and the shade I have is very pretty (Vibrant purple). It flakes off easily so I have to be careful whilst it dries and need to apply a top coat after.



  1. Ooh yay! The blue one looks fab! Can't wait to try these :) x

  2. cant wait. ill wait for theses instead of forking out for opi or china glaze

  3. I have been after Kelier crackles for ages! Always forget whenever I have enough money :( It's a shame Barry M's two new colours are the same as two of the Models Own ones.. however at least Barry M's will be instore and possibly cheaper? Models Own crackles will be £6, think I will be looking for Barry M first! xx

  4. I love the black one, can't wait to try these!
    Rebecca x (

  5. Yay can't wait to try these! Actually had two comments tonight on my black crackle by BM xx

  6. Oooh I have just finished reading another blog pots about Models Own bringing out loaads of new colours in crackle... I would trust Barry M more so though.. :o)

  7. I really like the idea of crackle polish in colours other than black. Love the pink one. x

  8. at first i hated crackle polishes but they are growing on me! haha. xo.

  9. I love the black one but I don't think I'll be getting these two - I can't really see them looking very good next to other colours, but I'm happy to be proved wrong :)


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