Saturday, 26 March 2011

Someday Summary - Saturday

Hello beautiful people! As per usual, I have no idea what I'm about to write.
  • In my last Someday Summary, I talked about applying to Marjon University. I've been offered a place there :) As I only need CCC, it's definitely going to be my second choice.
  • I think I know what University I want as my first choice; Plymouth. This means my first and second choices are in the city where I live and I can stay at home. This will save me money and if I wanted to, I could always move out in my second year. Falmouth University is beautiful and the course is great but if I got in, I would probably choose my second choice over it so there's really no point in putting it as my first choice. EDIT: I've chosen Plymouth as my first choice and Marjons as my second. I changed Track and everything. No going back now!
  • I've made my revision timetable for the upcoming months. I should be able to fit in around 64 hours of revision per exam. It's going to be a lot of work but I've just got to keep thinking that it's only for a few months (& then another 3 years at Uni!)
  • I've still not found a May Ball dress, haha. EDIT: I'm not going to May Ball. If I go, I won't be able to afford to go and see Lee Evans and buy people's birthday presents. I'll just hate all the photos of me plastered all over Facebook anyway. Don't want to miss out but what can I do? The £110 that would've gone on May Ball can now go on better things.
  • I'm falling in love with Etsy. I find it so much better than eBay. I look at eBay as people selling off any old junk but Etsy sells so many beautiful pieces. The community, website, products, are just better. It's amazing for jewellery. Yesterday (Or the day before; cannot remember) I bought a vintage, long, bronze, leaf necklace. It's beautiful and I cannot wait for it to arrive.
  • People who write malicious comments under anonymous = Jealous cowards.
  • I love the Upside Down Dogs website. It's a website full of photos of upside down dogs! Here are my favourites:




  1. wow 64 hours, i could do with making a timetable for revision like that, wouldn't know where to start though :P xxx

  2. I may have just set that first picture of the dog as my desktop background...hehe,totally love it♥ Nice post:)x

  3. All this uni business sounds so exciting. I wish I could of gone but I hated college and dropped out. Those dogs are too cute! x

  4. Good luck with the whole uni process, I've nearly finished my second year now but remember applying like it was yesterday, it'll go so quickly!!

  5. any tips on making a revision timetable haha? i'm jealous. good for you for making the decision about the may ball, definitely a smart girl :) xx

  6. JenKissesApples: It took forever to make! Because every week will be different in terms of going out, days off school etc, I've made a timetable for each week until June (That's a lot of of timetables! Thank god for copy and paste haha). I've planned to do like one hour of revision, one hour of break, revision, break etc just so I'm not overwhelmed by all the work. School days I've started with 4pm-9pm (With breaks, so it works out as 3 hours of revision a day) and on weekends I've started at 12pm-10pm so I'll be able to get 5 hours of revision done. x

  7. wow 64hours!!!!!! i would never be able to do that :) Good on you xxx

  8. Aww that's a shame that you won't be going to May Ball. I didn't go to my 6th form ball and still kinda regret it. Good luck with the revision. Don't worry about what happens when you get to uni, it gets a lot more fun :) x

  9. Ha ha Upside Down Dogs was SO what I needed to see after the morning I've been having!

    Thanks for the giggle.

  10. Wow nicE! i like !!
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  11. Good luck with Uni :) The 1st dog pic made me chuckle :) xx


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