Sunday, 6 March 2011

Someday Summary - Sunday

Hello all! Not much to update you with this week (To be honest there never is!).

  • One of my tweets is in Reveal magazine this week; my 2 seconds of fame ;) haha
  • I've made progress with my Media coursework (Finally!). All the layouts and writing for the magazine are done, I just need photos. The photos are a huge part though and I don't have long to take and edit them!
  • I went in town today and really wanted five 17 nail polishes and two blushers. I didn't buy any though because I thought 'I have similar colours'. It was so hard resist but I did it!
  • I only bought a few things so there is no point in giving them a whole post. Here's what I bought:

Primark socks, £2 for three pairs. How cute are these?!

MUA Eye Shadows, shades 8 and 11, £1 each. I bought shade 8 for my mum (Click here to see a swatch, along with swatches of shades 1 and 6). Shade 11 is just beautiful and very pigmented.

I also bought some Original Source Lime shower gel (A favourite of mine) and a bigger plant pot for one of my cacti.



  1. Cute socks & well done for holding off temptation ;] x

  2. I just bought the same pack of socks! :)

  3. Those socks are too cute! xx

  4. I bloody love those socks!x

  5. Ah, I have Reveal magazine, which tweet is yours? Lol.
    Well done on resisting the nail polish and making progress with your coursework!

  6. Well done you on resisting the 17 items!! those eye shadows look lovely ! xx

  7. Haha I'm so bad at resisting nail polish but I always make myself when I know I have similar colours... but then go looking for colours I don't own... lol xxx


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