Saturday, 5 March 2011

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks

I wrote a post about these last year and it is my most popular post to date. Today I decided to update the photos because since then, I've got a better quality camera. However, when you click to enlarge the images or see them on Google images, the old photos appear rather than the new ones, so I thought I'd do a whole new post with the updated photos. You can never see enough swatches right?
Click here to go to the old post where you can see my review on the lipsticks.
Click here for the Ambre Rose post.

Lip balm was applied prior to application of the lipsticks.

Coral Tonic

Darling Pink

Mystic Mauve

Pink Brown

Coral Pearl

Kiss Pearl

Ambre Rose

£7.19 each from Boots, however prices will vary depending on the store.



  1. your smile/lips/teeth are perfect!
    These are £1.50 from fragrance direct :) x

  2. I love these lipsticks and i need to get more! thanks for the pictures xx

  3. Your teeth are so white and lovely!<3

  4. I agree with the others, your teeth are amazingly white, haha! x

  5. All these shades are gorgeous, I haven't used a Maybelline lipstick for years but love "Coral Tonic" here. x

  6. I especially love Darling Pink. thanks for the swatches! x

  7. Thanks for the swatches! The colours are all so lovely, especially Pink Brown :)


  8. Your teeth are sooo beautiful and ssoooo WHITE! xxx


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