Saturday, 19 March 2011

Nails Of The Week + Models Own Nail Polishes

I say 'Of the week', I mean I've painted them this weekend to wear throughout next week.
This is Models Own Beth's Blue; a pastel blue with a hint of lilac. This is opaque in one coat but I added a second out of habit. Pastel polishes can look a little tip-exy but having pale skin, I think I can get away with it.

These are the Models Own polishes I own so far:
Nude Beige (Click here to see swatch), Pastel Pink, Beth's Blue, Mystic Mauve, Champagne.

I'm very late on the Models Own bandwagon!
I really like these polishes; simple packaging, great formula and a wide variety of colours available.



  1. I'm so jelous, I adore Models own I have Nude Beige myself and love it. That one looks beautiful perfect for spring! x

  2. Such a lovely colour, think I'm gonna need to buy this one!

    Reminds me of parma violet sweeets :-)

    Dayner @ Mozzypop x

  3. I have this on order from ASOS and I am extremely excited for its arrival :o) xxx

  4. This is so gorgeous, i WISH i'd of got it! x


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