Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Elite Cosmetics

A few months ago I was sent some products by Superdrug as a thank you for helping promote one of their competitions. Now that I have some good quality photos of the products, I can review them :)

First of all, I have never seen this brand in Superdrug or in fact any other store. There also isn't a site for these cosmetics and hardly any links on them so most people haven't heard of this brand before. The only place I know where you can purchase them is at
I like the packaging of these products; simple yet sleek using square shaped packaging.

Eye Shadow Quartet VIP Colors 5, Blush Secret Cheeks No3 Epice, Repulp! Gloss 02 Glam Nude and Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black. I was also sent a foundation but it was far too dark for my skin tone so I gave it away (I'm talking about it being as dark as a bronzer on my skin!)

Here are the swatches: Eye Pencil, Eye Shadows, Blush and Gloss. The Eye Pencil and Gloss were 'swiped' once and this shows you how pigmented they are.

Lets start with the eye shadow palette: Gorgeous everyday colours, very soft and well pigmented.

Blush: This is the perfect everyday blush colour - The slightly flushed effect. This product is extremely soft and I've noticed that it produces no powdery mess when swirling your brush around in it which is rare to find in a powder based product. The pigmentation is reasonable; you can apply quite a bit without looking like a clown. Not as pigmented as some blushes but I like blushes that are not highly pigmented as this means I can build the colour up.

Gloss: Very pigmented indeed and again, the perfect everyday lip colour. When using this I rarely put a lipstick underneath as this has enough pigmentation on its own. As for the plumping effect, I haven't notice any difference in the 'plumpness' of my lips when this is on but the shine of the gloss helps them to appear fuller. This has a brush applicator which I like but this does not have long staying power.

Eye Liner: This is a very good eye liner, as you can see from the swatch above, with one swipe gives an immense amount of pigmentation. Long lasting?

This is what the swatches look like after using a tissue and repeatedly wiping with a lot of force (my arm hurt after). I haven't gone over it softly so the product stays and I can prove my point because I wasn't even going to take a photo after I wiped them off. It was only after trying to get the product off that I thought I'd take a picture to show you how well the eye liner stays put. That's with only one line of product as well!

This is a good brand and I hope they add more to their collection and sell the products in store!



  1. Wow- i might go and pick some of these up :)

  2. I need that quad!!!! haha The two bottom shadows are stunning! :)



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