Thursday, 29 April 2010


Top: Primark (PJ top sssh) 'Choose Life' sounds pretty cheesy but I like the style of the top.
Belt: Newlook
Skinny Jeans: Primark. I really like Primark's jeans. I have quite a few pairs and after years, they have still stayed in shape.
Boots: Next

I really want to find some more big T-shirts which can be cinched in at the waist. Might find some cheapo men's T-shirts from Primark and do a bit of DIY ;)


  1. I've just bought some darkwash jeans from Primark but haven't worn them yet, I deffinitley want to pick up the light wash now! Especially as you've said they stay in shape, yay! <3 xoxo

  2. I tried buying jeans from primark, but they never fit right :( awww well, this looks great! :) xx

  3. YES all the way
    Or go Beyond Retro and get wicked t-shirts and just cut the top neckline off!

    Love it


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