Thursday, 15 April 2010

Vaseline aloe fresh anti-perspirant deodorant

I don't normally review products like deodorant as it's an everyday essential which I over look, but I thought 'ah why not'.

I normally use Dove deodorant sticks, as Dove is a reliable brand which I have always used. I use sticks because I find roll ons never dry and get all over my clothes, and aerosols can choke me which is very unpleasant.
Now summer is approaching and we've been having some gorgeous weather, there's nothing better than to be refreshed during the day. A spritz of cool spray on a hot day is just heaven.
That's one reason why I chose a spray and the reason for choosing Vaseline is because I wanted to choose another brand other than trusty Dove. Vaseline seems like a reliable brand as I love the other products they have to offer.

I chose aloe fresh over active fresh because I preferred the smell and it seemed more refreshing.

  • 24h protection
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Alcohol free, non sting formula
  • Keeps you dry all day
  • Light fresh fragrance
  • Contains Proderma - a skin caring complex which can help protect the underarm skin
When putting this on, there was no stinging! Which I've found some Dove deodorants do. There was also no choking on my behalf which I was very happy about. It left my room and, of course my underarms smelling lightly fragranced with aloe-vera, which smells divine and is not over whelming. I can still smell it now a few hours later. Oh and the most important feature, it keeps me dry :)

The day after buying this, I get a coupon come through with £1 off various deodorant brands. Typical aha


  1. I haven't tried this deodorant but I love the other Dove deodorants they're so refreshing.

  2. I usually use Sure girl, the tropical version because it smells really nice. I've never really tried any other brand! xxxx


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