Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Nail Polish Collection Including Names- 6th April 2010.

This is my current nail polish collection, on a towel ;) The crazy living room carpet pattern would of distracted you ha

Close up:
From top left to bottom right: No7 Golden Sands, No5 Under The Sea, No8 Blue Lagoon, No22 Ultra Violet, No41 Mysterious, No10 I Dazzle, No26 Mocha Ice, No3 Pink Glitz, No33 Sherbet Fizz, No31 Groove, No38 Blush, No6 Hot Pink.

Collection 2000:
2in1 Top coat, Sparkle Top Coat, 2in1 Base Coat, 246 Latin love, 59 Icy Pink, 32 BMX Bandit, 23 Show Off, 324 Hello Sailor.

Miss Sporty:
(Names are not on the bottles, only the numbers are. Names found on the stands in stores and on the website.) French Tip Whitener, 203 Zodiac, 251 Electric Beige, 30 Peachy, 106 (Not sure of the name, but it's a twinkle shine polish.), 303 Manga, 406 Red Tango, 220 Miss Red.

Barry M, No7 and NYC:
296 Coral, 305 Pink Flamingo, 279 Bright Pink, NPP1 Limited Edition Pink, 20 Clear, 105 Damson Dream, 216B Central Park, 206B East Village.

Star Gazer and Revlon:
104, 133, Goldfinger, Blackberry, Autumn Berry, Plum Attraction.

Others: (Natural Collection, random and Avon)
Clear, Random, Random, Classic Fit.

Phew! It took a longgggg time to hunt down all those names.

Hope you're having a good day :)


  1. I love the barry m nail paints! Great post :) xxx

  2. I love those stargazer ones, I only have one shade and can't buy any more:(

    I think that miss sporty one might be called disco bunny if that helps, I remember wanting it loads when I was about 13 haha

  3. Ashwini, I normally store them in three drawers, but today I tipped them all into a big box aha. I'm going to move some stuff around in my room so that they are all standing up.

  4. I love your collection! Especially the Asda ones! I need to get my hands on some of those!


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