Sunday, 25 April 2010


8 years of age.
He struggled for days, crawling back after getting hit or attacked just so he could die at home. The back of him was in a complete state and there were maggots so obviously he had been attacked or hit by a car a few days ago. He was purring loudly as he was back home, content and ready to die. There was nothing the vets could do so he had to be put down.
RIP Tam, you were an amazing cat and you shall be missed greatly.


  1. Aww bless him least hes safe now and out of pain xx sorry to hear about your loss :( xx

  2. Oh Louise I'm really sorry *hugs* that's awful but so sweet that he wanted to come home. I lost both of my cats last year (one was 19) and it's never easy. I'm glad he's out of his misery now x

  3. Aww im so sorry, at least he isnt suffering anymore. I hate losing my pets - I always try to remember that they have had a happy life, RIP Tam xxx

  4. Oh god that awfull, the poor poor thing :'( It brought tears to my eyes reading how he struggled so much to get home, what a soldier. Bless his little heart. Hope you are coping ok sweetie. I have 4 cats myself and would be truly devastated.


    Jo. X

  5. Awww, so sad.
    RIP Tam x
    Take care Louise x

  6. omg!
    so sad hun. atleast the pain has gone for him now.
    rip tam

  7. Oh sweetie *hugs*
    I know exactly how this feels, it brought tears to my eyes reading this :(
    At least he is at peace now and not in pain. He knew you would do the best you could and that's why he came home to his family.
    I have 5 cats and I'm always worried something like this will happen again

  8. i am a new follower and this is the first post i had to read. im so sorry about this, rest in peace tam, what a lovely cat! hope youre okay. hes at peace now xxxxx

  9. aawww I'm sorry. One of my cats was ran over, it was heartbreaking! RIP Tam xxxx

  10. Aww. Ive been off blogger for a bit bt just saw this. Poor little guy. So sad, but at least he is out of pain now xx

  11. I hope you're okay m'love! RIP Tam. *Hugs* xxxx


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