Saturday, 24 April 2010

I need a routine!

I have never had a skin care routine.. well I have but it has never lasted longer than a few weeks. I buy products, use them for a couple of weeks and then stop. I suppose it's because before bed, I'm too tired and can not be bothered and I'm also too tired in the morning! I only use products when I can be bothered like using a facial wash in the shower, and occasionally applying a moisturiser.
I'm going to start a skincare routine and stick to it for a good few weeks and then follow it from there. I normally don't use anything in the morning because I think using the products twice a day will strip my skin from it's natural oils etc.. but it must be ok if most people do it and most products recommend it for best results (I think they say this so you use them up quicker and buy more :P)
I'm going to use the simplest skincare routine products for this 'experiment' and what better brand than the one and only Simple.
I love their brand name, packaging, products.. everything about them!

I'll be using the cleanser, toner and light moisturiser. I am also going to buy the facial wash so I am not mixing and matching from different brands.
Now obviously what products I use will affect the results dramatically and I shall be reviewing them but the main point of this is to see whether having a routine can give me a better complexion. Giving my skin regular cleansing and moisture should improve the condition.
I'm not brave enough to show a photo of my au natural skin so you'll have to trust my judgement. My T-zone is rather oily and my cheeks are 'perfect' (Not dry, oily, no pores and no blemishes). Because of my oily T-zone, this leads to breakouts and also, there are large pores/a few blackheads all over my nose.
Hopefully the products and a routine will help give me a better complexion.


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  1. I need a routine too... I have tried the SImple moisturiser before and it's lovely! Can't wait to hear how you get on with all of the products xx


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